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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  February 21, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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i like where you're going with this. call now for your free information kit and medicare guide. these are the only plans of their kind endorsed by aarp. and if you're new to medicare... or rethinking your current supplemental insurance plan, these rates are competitive and could be worth a look. now that's the kind of help i like. call now for your free information about aarp... medicare supplement insurance plans, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. >> live, local, late breaking this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. >> another reminder that this is still february. more winter weather heads our way. good afternoon, everyone. just when some of us were getting to the warmer temperatures, it seems like old
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man winter does not want to loosen his grip. a little bit of a change in store pier yen >. >> sure. three to 6 inches. take a look at hd doppler right now. nothing really happening here this afternoon. the warm front is over russ right now. are temperatures are mild, but over to the west, the midwest getting pummeled by winter weather. -- the war front is over us right now. temperatures in the 50's right now. it looks like the temperatures will hold steady throughout the afternoon. there is a winter weather advisory debt grows into a back to night. be aware of that. winter weather advisory goes in effect tonight at 9:00.
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it will be lasting through tomorrow. and a warning has now been upgraded torn northern counties. we will see inclement weather and maybe one to 2 inches possible as we look at the situation here in this city of baltimore. more coming up, so stay tuned. >> much of the midwest is coming out from under the snow. more than a foot of snow fell on parts of michigan over the weekend. wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour prompted the national weather service to issue blizzard warnings. snow came down at a rate of two to 3 inches per hour. you can track approaching storms and you were in the country using interactive approaching radar. you can find that all on our website at we invite you to share your photographs and videos on ulocal.
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traffic was brought to a virtual standstill all along i-95. dramatic video. this was just one of many fire spurred by the strong winds in the area, forcing officials to call an additional help from surrounding counties. this is what was let down the road when more than 100 firefighters from across the state model to predict battled a massive brush fire. -- battled a massive brush fire. just like the fire and laurel, strong winds and dry air made the plays more intense for fire crews. >> the blaze was out of control for a long amount of time due to the fact that we had winds in excess of 35 miles per hour and relatively low humidity. >> just a few construction trailers and barns were destroyed. investigators still trying to figure out how it started. afterople are recovering
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house fire and baltimore. one person was taken to university hospital. no word on their conditions. the fire remains under investigation. to washington where on this president's day, the u.s. president faces a looming deadline and possible shutdown. when lawmakers return from a week-long recess they will have five days to pass a compromise bill to keep the government running past march 4. >> in washington the debate over what to cut has the stakes growing fire. >> we have said shutdown is off the table. speaker brainer, mitch mcconnell and other leaders have not taken it off the table. -- speaker boehner, mitch mcconnell and other leaders have not taken it off the table.
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>> the amendment is adopted. >> on saturday the republican- controlled house passed $61 billion in cuts. democrats says that leaves too many americans paying the price. for the first time since 1996, a four-week closure. >> it would be destabilizing when everyone is hopeful we can start growing this economy quicker. >> president obama has urged congress to compromise. the house speaker has out there will be november refunding without serious slashing. with the debt at record levels, republicans think this time at the public is behind them. with the clock ticking and neither side ready to blink, we could soon find out. >> the military would remain active. government checks would still go out, a new applications for federal programs like social security might be delayed.
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back to you. >> the governor joins u.s. transportation secretary for the ribbon cutting ceremony launching maryland's first electronic trop road. today marks the opening of the first part of the inter county connector, which opens to the public on wednesday this will expand to i-95 by the end of the year. it will try to meet times for american drivers. >> this will be a significant benefit to the computers in maryland and people that live along the roadways. and they can now get on to this roadway instead of driving a long record -- local roadways. in conjunction, they will launch commuter bus service to the new toll road. for more information, visit the home page of our website, unrest continues in the middle
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east. protesters and libya claimed control of the second-largest city after another bloody battle. straight ahead, the latest anti-government movements taking shape. then, on a lighter note, a surprise monday night hit. a preview of tonight's episode.
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>> first egypt and now libya. and anti-government protests continue. with the largest taking place in libya's capital. we have the latest from cairo. >> overnight protesters took to the streets. gunfire rang out in state buildings burned. the government has banned journalists from covering the growing violence. these are some of the only video of the revolution that threatens to topple the long as -- longest-remaining aristocrat. this offer protesters a chance to negotiate. they promised a bloodbath if they did not. the violence began five days ago in the eastern city.
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the second-largest in this oil- rich nation. late on sunday there were reports that the protesters had taken control of the city. the colonel has ruled this country for 41 years. for decades the u.s. considered libya are rogue state. our assets to confirm information is limited, but we are hearing the state tv and the parliament buildings are on fire today. there are also rumors he has led the country -- fled the country. there is no proof of that. >> listen up all of you spring breakers, you could be in for sticker shock while to play in it -- while planning your get
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away. and she plays sassy harry. kathy bates joins us to talk about the surprise ratings hit. >> more snow on the way. though it is mild this afternoon, all of the moisture is headed in our direction. a winter storm warning in effect. i will tell you when that will go into effect into the details coming up. 43 at the inner harbor. the humidity is elevated as well.
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>> in this afternoon's consumer alert, if you're having problems connecting to the internet, you are not alone. about 10% of americans cannot get internet connections that are fast enough to view the
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videos and pictures. to see the areas most affected, it is that the consumer alert page of spring is just around the corner, and as spring breakers make their in will travel plans, some are experiencing sticker shock. >> the traditional hot spots for the traditional spring breakers are not changing this year, although there may be more cost for getting there. >> you should expect to be more and more crows, that makes things more expensive. and take a 29% of travelers told us they want to hit the beach this spring. and followed by 25% of travelers said they're interested in taking a cruise. take of the number one spring
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break destinations and travel experts say all of florida should be busy. >> spring break is not just for the college crowd anymore, although older adults are often looking elsewhere. >> when you look at people better 35 and older, less than 35% said they are picking a destination that attracts the spring break crowd. >> some are getting a jump on spring break starting this weekend. >> now your insta 11 weather forecast. >> all i can say is i hope you sabre last friday when the temperatures were in the mid-70 for acause we're in big change.
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and at 9:00 we will have a wintry mix starting in turning into accumulating snow. right now nothing happening on hd doppler. the midwest is getting pummeled with a major storm that is the system that will move toward us. we are on the warm side of things right now, so it will rusher in -- a sure in all of the wintry mix. we're going to see things really accumulate quickly overnight tonight. in a winter storm warning is in effect. and we have possibly five to 7 inches of snow that will accumulate in the northern tier. we're talking hartford county, frederick county all the of fire. and we also have a winter weather advisory going into effect tonight for baltimore in areas south. as to our south.
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this is where we will see a least five to 6 inches of snow. temperature was we're in transition. a very mild start to our south. 40 at the airport. 36 in westminster. 46 on the eastern shore. today we will likely top out in the lower 50's. we saw a light shower activity early on this morning. a couple of early showers before we see a transition to a wintry mix, and ultimately snow. the best time table for the snow would be midnight until 6:00 or 7:00 tomorrow morning. we could see a flurry of activity mixing with the rain in the early evening hours. perfect temperature range for accumulating snow. here we have the warm side of things right now, but with energy in the second area of low pressure, the cold air will push through. here is how the future cast
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plays things out. a wintry mix by 8:00 tonight. rain in baltimore and areas south. we could see snow start to accumulate over night. a wintry mix right through the heart of central maryland. more snow as we head into the morning commute hours, and that is where we will see this note accumulating. at this point the winter storm warning those in effect tonight at 9:00. once we get through the system, we are clear for a while. darker blue is 3 to 6 inches. 5 to 7 inches along the state line. ia little bit less in baltimore and areas south. as far as wednesday goes, after that. sunshine and 40. 53 thursday. a pretty mixed bag for the weekend, but not bad. >> harry and outcome come
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together to mediate a gang war but soon find themselves butting heads when the gang members starwants out. kathy bates joins us now to talk about the surprise hit. thank you for being with us. it was one month ago today that you join us to talk about the pilot episode. how are you handling all of this ratings success? >> it has been very exciting. from the very first moment when we got ratings for the pilot, i was thrilled. it was a wonderful feeling. >> what do you think it is that really makes it work. >> i would have to say to the wonderful characters and the humor. all that together makes for a
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very compelling show to watch. >> let's get into this next episode coming up for you and malcolm disagree about how to mediate a gang war. talk about the dynamics. does he make your character better in situations like this? >> i think she has a wonderful relationship with malcolm. she is very emotionally involved with him. and he was her first clients in her new job. she thinks he is a good kid. she thinks he has a bright future ahead of him as a lawyer .ere yet to g >> we do have a good time working together, that is for sure. i is specially enjoy working brittney snow. >> i have heard many actors say
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even after years of experience they still learn something new about themselves with each new role. what has the role taught you? >> i think i am sharpening up how to learn lines quickly that has been the most challenging thing for me on this show. there's a lot of dialogue in court room closing arguments. i find myself really learning how to do that more quickly and more efficiently. >> you are doing it well. what else can we expect this season? >> there will be a very interesting story line coming up with the district attorney played by paul mclean. and he and harry at have been butting heads since the very beginning. there will be more to see from mccrain.aul one of our producers once you to know he absolutely loves you.
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we absolutely wish you much success. we want to remind you can catch it monday nights at 10:00 right here on -- wbal tv-11. one man gets to shine on broadway as his family and friends wish him farewell. they had a farewell celebration for the rising star. he is headed to new york city for his debut as simba in the lion king. he says he worked hard to get his big shot, having played numerous roles and local shows. up next, your maryland lottery numbers. let's get another check of the forecast was
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>> time now for your maryland lottery midday pick three and pick four numbers. >> happy president's day. 5, 4, 2.0a 5, 4, and 2. now your margin 13 played the two million-dollar club go hunt for chance to win cash prizes and up to $250,000.
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is 6, followed by 8, and your last number is 6. 9,6, 8, 6. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. think a lot of us are in denial. take a we have a winter storm warning that goes into effect tonight at 7:00 for a no. baltimore. it looks like it will start out as a wintry mix and develop into snow after midnight. here in baltimore on the a couple inches. possibly five at the state line.
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>> thank you. >> be sure to tune in tonight for 11 news at 5:00. have a great day. [captioning made possible by [captioning made possible by constellation energy group]
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